Why there is a case for Commercial Hunting

After the release of Prince William's interview regarding Africa and its conservation efforts, rhino protection and views on commercialised hunting we have seen many people, including some of our peers, hit back in shock. 

Prince William
This is because Prince William openly admitted that there is a place for commercialised hunting in Africa, and other places around the world. Before our visit to South Africa last summer, where we had the privilege of living and working on a game reserve for a month, where all the staff put all their efforts into saving their rhinos, we too would have been shocked by the Prince's view. 

However, one of the things we learnt whilst working there was that actually, commercial hunting does do a lot for the preservation of conservation efforts. Now when saying this, the commercial hunting, which should be supported, is not the hunting of rhinos, elephants and other endangered animals. Nor the killing of lions - Cecil's very public case is, and always will be unacceptable. However, some reserves do allow people to pay to shoot antelope, for example. Now, these aren't just any old antelope they choose - they are usually injured, infertile or for whatever reason, are probably likely to die soon of natural causes. 

The money that is profited from the killing of the animal in question is then used to help preserve other animals in the reserve. Therefore, should we really complain if a rich man or woman wishes to spend £500 (or whatever the price is) to shoot an animal which is not endangered if in the long run, when it could save many others? We live in an economic world; commercial hunting is not the ideal way to raise money for conservation. However it is a successful one. We do not believe trophy hunters are conservationists, but the people they are paying are. 

We would never kill or commercially hunt an animal; injured or not. But we are in no position to judge reserves' who provide this service as in the long run, we can assure you they do far more to save the animals than people who sit on a computer, or with a paper, outraged by this commercial hunting. 

Remember before speaking, walk in their footsteps and it is very different to poaching - one clean shot, rather than a gruesome painful death. 


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